Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to LeagueTastic.

Hello everybody! This is Riggz a die hard pvper in almost any format of game. *Including TCG's....Yeah I know.*

My goal with this blog is to Talk about how you can better yourself in pvp regarding two of the biggest formats out there.

MMOBAS *dota LoL HoN for example*
MMO's *WoW Rift Aion for example*

Generally speaking the larger portion of people who play these games are actually lacking in certain departments that they need to work on. Take WoW for example. Some people keyboard turn and click abilities but they follow instructions and do well in raiding. Hell they may even know HOW to beat other classes in pvp but due to slow reaction times thanks to clicking and keyboard turning they are unable to accomplish these goals and end up looking bad.

In MMOBA's people might have reaction time and reflexes, but are unable to perform their duties due to being rambo (which just means that you go off alone thinking you're awesome) instead of working with the team for a common goal. Victory.

So today I'm going to get started in a manner of mmoba's

Map awareness is the first thing any player new or old should master. the minimap is the most useful tool you have in the game be sure to make use of it. Say you're playing LoL. You're solo top as say mordekaiser. The enemy team has a jungle shaco and middle dissapeared off the map and you notice that you've pushed your lane. Being mordekaiser you naturally tend to push lanes while farming so it's not unnatural for that to happen.

But upon noticing the middle lanes champion is gone and you dont have eyes on shaco what do you do?

do you
A. Continue pushing because killing towers is how you win games.
B. start running around in circles yelling over your mic to your friends saying "Halp!"
C. Get a clue and get back to your turret?

If you answered A or B You're a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything.
Albeit a dead cool guy.....

The correct answer was blatantly obvious TWAS C!

That's right if you lose sight of one or two people. you get back. you dont keep pushing by yourself unless you're retardedly fed at which point proceed to demolish the small group they send to kill you.

One thing I tend to see people do is never get wards.

I'm going to give you a tip. In any mmoba. HoN LoL. DotA. Wards are the most overpowered thing in the game. they give you the one thing that actually allows you to be "invincible" now let me explain why I say that. because you're now going "Wtf wards dont increase HP to an infinity symbol and they dont give you like 10000000 armor and magic resistance" Well you're right. but you know what wards do?

They let you know when a gank could be comming and with a little common sense you can always escape a possible gank."unless it's a dive then wards dont really mean a whole lot but that generally means the enemy team is either desperate. fed. or has an alistar/rammus/jungle amumu and they dont give a fuck!

Wards increase not just yours but everyone on your teams' map awareness. See the enemy team has a jungler (they almost always will) Ward his buffs. gank him when he tries to get them. See the enemy team has a eve to counter jungle? or just an eve in general? (I dont see eve too much anymore so this shouldnt be a huge deal) Stealth ward early on will allow you to know she's comming.

This first blog was really to stress how important wards are. period. Everyone on the team with the exception of possibly your HARD carry should get a ward or two through the whole game. wards are generally left to the jungle since they roam but supports have immense use of wards as well. every support hero should be sure to maintain map control and vision. it's part of the support role.

This first post was an introduction with a very heavy stress on a very important section of mmoba's. Map awareness and wards.

Anyways I'll blog some more later. GONNA GO SEE SUCKERPUNCH.

Peace guys.


  1. I love hon, such a great game. All this talk of dota 2 makes me lol though, I bet / hope it will be awful just to shut the fanboys up.

  2. @ Iridial
    Yeah I'm not all that surprised to see them making dota 2. I dont think it'll end up being all that great. I mean it'll probably look pretty but HoN already does. my biggest gripe about dota and HoN is simply put.

    Denying. While it adds a skill cap to ranged carries it severely hinders melee heroes. which is why only a select few are any good.