Saturday, March 26, 2011


So after about 6 minutes of que we get into a league game. And I decide I want to troll my team. I pick gangplank and lock in pretty fast. going standard masteries. I opted for a bit of a stranger rune setup for my early game though.

armor pen reds
FLAT mana regen seals which was odd for me.
flat CDR glyphs
and flat AD quints for an early game.

and I started off going denyplank. Picking up a fairie charm and some health pots and decide to stand at the beginning of our base twards top lane. before reaching the end of the lane I was able to deny 2 melee creeps before ever reaching the lane as per usual which was fun.

Then I say over vent "Hey Guys btw I'm making a bunch of tiamats" and they got silent and said "Hey you're joking right?" Hell no I wasn't Anyways it flopped pretty hard lol.

I had 4 tiamats and boots with an IE and you know.. I was really really squishy :(

Lesson learned. Tiamat isn't srs build guys!

I really like the item but I feel it needs a revamp to be good for anything but farming.

I'm gonna try it on AD MALPHITE! brb with results.

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