Saturday, March 26, 2011

Played an interesting game of league.

So I do a solo que ranked because well I get bored enough to not premade and when you're in the 1800's you'd expect not to see such wierd things but no no. Normally when I see a mordekaiser pick I dont get that upset or feel disadvantaged. Untill I seen mordekaiser rush phage and zeal which got me thinking. "He's rushing trinity force" Now I didn't question his build or anything but that's not what surprised me. As soon as the trinity force was finished he opted to just stack hextech gunblades. Which is normal since HnS's guide talked about it. I mean I was already rammus I dont like morde tanking anyways so having him play as a melee mage or a tanky mage is perfectly fine in my book.

He dominated that game surprisingly. The enemy teams carry for some awkward reason didn't make a quicksilver sash and ended up getting ghosted near instantly every fight. mop up. First good morde i've seen since getting passed 1500.

I was surprised by just how well it worked. I was quite skeptical of a trinity force at first but it turned out to work very well. although I thought Lichbane would've been a better choice.

Gj morde!

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